I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I have lost things you will never understand.

May your dying breath be my name.

Arthur Pendragon.

Hey guys, I’ve been revamping my blog a bit and am adding a “favourites” page, kind of like a follow forever. I’m planning on doing one for best Merlin blogs and one for any bloggers I’m friends with in general. I’ve already decided I’m going to add everybody from my follow forever list, so this post is really just to make sure I’m not missing anyone. So please reblog or pm if you would like to be included on my page. Thanks :)


He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And… he’s wonderful.

Working on layouts today. 

King Arthur and the Round Table (Leon and Lancelot should be there too, I’m working on it. I put them in my plan and posted it too soon.)
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